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My Style as a Strength & Conditioning CoachWhat does a healthy fitness life for you look like? We need to find your style of working out!  Is it weightlifting, kettlebells, or maybe bodyweight conditioning?  Most beginners seem to take to bodybuilding.  Some love functional strength training.  Maybe throwing the medicine ball or HIIT will be your thing.  Maybe a team sport...maybe boxing or kickboxing.  I have had clients who hate leg day but who enjoy jumping rope.Things that come naturally to you are a good place to start.What does it look like for you?If you look at any professional athlete, their program is individualized.   Even players in the same position on the same team will have unique training plans, because each person has their own strengths and weaknesses that need addressed.  You are the same.  Your program shouldn't be exactly like someone else's, it should be unique to you!Strength comes first. Strength is the foundation of all exercise.  Building strength increases ability.  Increased ability equals better training.  Better training equals achieving goals quickly.An untrained person can make progress in strength with only 2 training days a week.3 days/week is required for body composition changes.  Anything above 3 is gold.For highly trained athletes this will be a minimum of 4 days/week.If you get busy and life is a mess, 2 days a week of good training will allow you maintain your strength. And keep your foundation solid for when you can return to harder training.


Short term programs just Don't Work

Find the eating style that works for you and your family.

Basic Rule: Eat what you want but get what you need.

Good nutrition is a lifelong exercise in food selection and preparation.

Luckily It's Actually Quite Simple!

Nutrition has more to do with food quality food selection or quantity.

Make it easy on your yourself and your body by giving yourself the nutrients you need to thrive.

My clients almost always start out eating more food...Not Less!

I correct nutritional deficiencies first, then work on eating habits and behavioral changes.

Most people didn't gain all their weight in 3 months

You may not lose it all in 3 months either. 

So make healthy changes the same way you started making unhealthy ones

A little at a time until they become habit.​

Your body is starving for these nutrients that it needs to function. 

Even if you are getting way too many calories...without the right foods you can't get the minerals or vitamins you need for your body to function optimally.


Iodine affects your thyroid, and low levels of hormones from your thyroid prevents your body from efficiently burning calories. 

Vitamin A & D Low levels can cause weight gain

Magnesium  There is a strong correlation between increase in intake and weight loss.

There is so much more!  But knowing all of them isn't important.

Meals consisting of any variety of high quality foods will provide you everything you need.  

We need to find the high quality foods and recipes you like.   Slowly add them in. Get used to feeling healthy.  

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