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Nutrition Counseling

First thing we do is a nutrient analysis of your current diet.  

We fill the gaps in your nutrition by finding foods and recipes you enjoy. 

Rule is: You can have what you like if you get what you need.

With continuous feedback and good practice we work on your meals...and create a list of recipes and routines that will support a long healthy life.


3 basic options. On a continuum

The perfect plan for you falls somewhere in here


Add Good Food

Forget taking foods OUT of your diet. ADD healthy foods you enjoy eating instead.  Keep adding good food a little at a time until you slowly push the unhealthy food into the background.

For most people this means adding some form of vegetable and/or a healthy protein. 

As one or two good foods becomes a habit we find another healthy option to add in. And so on... (Best option for people who've struggled with yo yo diets)

1 Perfect Meal a Day Program


Inspired by the work of Weston A. Price in the 1930s.  It was shown that one "perfect" meal a day could resolve nutrient deficiencies in school children from poor areas who suffered from food insecurity. 

We make sure each day you consume one "perfect" healthy meal that meets your nutritional needs.


Eat whatever you want the rest of the day. You take a picture of your meal and upload it to the app.


Over time your body learns to crave those good foods, and one healthy meal will turn into two, then three. (My favorite strategy, fairly easy and very effective) 

Full Lockdown


We are counting every calorie, we are removing highly processed foods from your diet, few to no cheat days, a full lockdown on your eating habits. 

This is the hardest option, and the one people fail at the most. 


Not recommended for beginners.  

(Best for short term goals, bodybuilders prepping for shows, and  athletes)

The 2 Reasons Most of My Clients Start Off Eating More Food Not Less


Yes you read that correctly.  Many of my clients programs require them to eat more food then they already do in the beginning. Too good to be true!? 


Let me explain...

It's much easier to add healthy food to your diet than to remove unhealthy food.

  • There are foods you like now that you would hate to give up.

  • And if you cheat you might stumble backwards. 

  • No need for all the pressure and drama.

  • Simply find one healthy food you like, add it to your daily life. 

  • When it become easy and a habit, then add a new healthy food. 

  • Add more and more until most of what you eat is healthy.  Ideally 80%. 

  • The good foods slowly take up more space and over time push the unhealthy foods out. 

Even if you are overeating, your body might be literally be starving!

  • Most adults in the US don't get enough nutrients from our modern, highly processed foods.

  • These nutrients affect metabolism, muscle growthrecovery, mood, energy, bone strength, sleep quality...basically everything.

Nutrient Deficiency chart.jpg


We will create your own custom lifestyle with foods you enjoy and exercise that fits your day to day life. 

And You Will Lead by Example.

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