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Online Personal Training

We find a way for you to exercise for the rest of your life.

What's the point in doing a 6, 12, or 16 week torture program that you won't stick to so you can be in shape for month or two, then go right back to a lifestyle that makes you unhappy?  Find the type of exercise style, intensity, and rhythm that works for you long term
There is no perfect program unless it's perfect for you

The Best Workouts Are the Ones You Are Willing to Do


Here is the Important Part

We  need to learn what a your healthy lifestyle looks like

I will give you workouts based on our first interview


You will give me feedback.  I adjust your workouts

We work towards your goals, you get what you want, while I give you what you need

We find an exercise lifestyle that fits your life and makes you feel confident

Think of how long it took to get out of shape... 

Little by little, a few extra pounds at a time....

It might take that long to get back into shape... little by little, a few more workouts, workouts a little longer...


Losing those pounds and keeping them off...

My experience tells me many people who are starting out enjoy bodybuilding style workouts ie. chest day, back day, leg day, etc. 


Some people love olympic lifting or kettle bells.


Maybe boxing or kickboxing.  Calisthenics. Sprints and plyometric jumping exercises are fun and effective.

I've had clients who hate leg day if it's barbell squats but have fun if its jump rope, sprint training, and plyometrics! 


We just need to find what your health lifestyle looks like.  What fits.


What kind of program could you do for the rest of your life?

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