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Online Personal



  • View and track your workouts through the app

  • You give me feedback after each workout

  • Training is adjusted frequently based on your progress and goals

  • We text every day you workout and most days of the week

  • I adjust your workouts day to day and week to week

  • Sore back on Tuesday?  I'll adjust Wednesday

  • Each week I evaluate progress and make changes 

Online Nutrition Counseling



  • You track your meals through the app by taking pics of your food. Or if you have Fitbit, or Myfitnesspal, you can link them to the app

  • We text most every day unless you get a cheat day or are on vacation.

  • I adjust your meals based on your real life.

  • We work together to find the perfect foods for you.

  • Build habits that last the rest of your life.

  • Your body was not meant to be sick, or weak, learn what it takes to thrive.

Online Training & Nutrition Combo



  • You get a full training program

  • You get a full nutrition program

  • We text and video chat frequently and  as needed

  • You level your game up

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